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"How has the Product Screening and Due Diligence service provided by Albion helped you to build and deliver portfolios to clients?"

  • We spent 18 months completely refreshing our family business and launched ‘boosst’ in 2018. We thought of the process as ‘blank page thinking’ - and gave ourselves space to take a good hard look at the services we provide and the tools and services we use to do so. We made a series of significant changes to how we run the business – and engaging with Albion has been amongst the best.
  • We have been using Albion’s Product Screening and Due Diligence tool to help build and maintain the boosst portfolios. The transparent and robust screening process – and comprehensive audit trail to go with it - enables us to cut through the everyday noise from the marketplace and efficiently isolate one or two investments per asset class from a whole-of-market starting point.
  • Whilst it is firmly our responsibility to pick the best managers for our portfolios and monitor them over time to ensure they remain best-in-class… Albion’s support makes the process slick and easy. Having the team’s expertise at our disposal further solidifies our independence as an advisory firm.
  • We introduced the boosst sustainable portfolios in 2019 and have seen overwhelming popularity. Albion’s service has the capacity to identify products that are making steps in the right direction towards a sustainable future - either through portfolio construction or company engagement through proxy voting. This gives us the quiet confidence that we are offering clients a high-quality ESG portfolio solution whilst also being able to tune out much of the noise in this fast-moving part of the industry.
  • Working with Albion is a pleasure. Their deliverables are well presented, clear and comprehensive. The team are available to support us with ad-hoc queries and can always add a new perspective to complex topics, which we greatly value.

Working with Albion

  • We love having Albion on our side. Offering a service called smartersuccess™ sets a certain bar of expectation… but we are constantly pleased by their input. I recommend them without hesitation.
  • Like any great business with a figurehead name (like Tim!), there can be a concern at the outset that the quality of service is reliant upon that individual. We have been constantly impressed by James, Ben and Dan under Tim’s leadership. Albion is not just a high-profile individual with a qualified support team, they’re a ‘proper’ business with West Country values and longevity.

Years of relationship with Albion


This gives us the quiet confidence that we are offering clients a high-quality, low cost, evidence-based investment portfolio solution whilst also being able to tune out much of the noise that otherwise serves only to detract from our client focus.

Josh Butten
boosst financial

Ongoing support

We engaged with Albion in 2018 to formalise and manage our centralised investment proposition. We are delighted with the service they offer, and the team are a genuine pleasure to work with. Our six-monthly investment committee meetings run smoothly, the Albion team regularly provide excellent materials along with all the necessary inputs and assistance we need.

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