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Delivering a fully documented and compliant investment process.

Constructing portfolios - from investment philosophy to fund selection – requires making a number of key decisions. It is a bit like walking down a path and coming to a junction. Should you go right or left? What evidence do you have to make the decision? Which path does it suggest? What impact will it have? What are the risks of taking one route over another? We help our clients find a sensible route through these important decisions and then fully document them in a bespoke Investment Process Manual (IPM), which we help keep up to date. We help construct both ESG (sustainable) portfolios and traditional, non-ESG portfolios, based on our clients’ preferences.

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Ongoing governance

We do the heavy lifting and facilitate client decisions.

In many respects, setting up the portfolios is the easy part. Keeping on top of them, and challenging the process over time, is more taxing. That is the role of the Investment Committee, which we sit on - and drive - as a guest member. We feed in several important oversight and research documents into this forum, including the Albion Governance Update reports published twice a year (which provide insight into a range of investment and financial planning issues), our Portfolio Analysis Tool, Multi-Manager Comparison Tool, Risk Matrix, and Asset Class Heat Map reports.

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Outsourced expert

We deliver responsive, informed support through strong working relationships.

Running any investment programme throws up issues, queries and the need for expert support. We see ourselves as that outsourced expert who can help to provide support and guidance on the myriad of small things that do arise.

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Client communication

We deliver a regular flow of client-facing educational notes.

It is all very well setting up a robust and compelling investment process, but it still needs to be communicated to clients in an accessible and jargon-free manner. We have designed a suite of documents that we brand in our clients' style, which are ready for use. Investing systematically requires patience, discipline, and fortitude. These, and other simple educational messages need constant reinforcing, so we provide short bi-weekly, educational notes that can be distributed to end clients. These may be on issues such as top tips at times of market uncertainty, how to protect against inflation, or why it probably makes good sense to avoid cryptocurrencies.

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Our fees

We charge a monthly subscription fee of £1,750 per month (plus VAT and annual CPI uplift), not ad valorem fees as most DFMs do, nor ‘per-client’ fees as others do. There is no difference in the service or commitment we give to a firm with £50 million under advice or one with over £1 billion. So, we see no reason why the fees should be related to size.

Albion also works with a limited number of groups of financial planning firms, who have come together to run their portfolios with one centralised process. Group fees will depend on the number of firms involved in the group. Contact us for more information.

  • A simple monthly subscription fee of £1,750 pcm +VAT.
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Don't hesitate to get in touch - we would be delighted to receive your call or email. For enquiries about our service, please use the contact form and one of the team will respond in due course.

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