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"How has your relationship with Albion helped you to grow your business?"

  • I often describe Chamberlyns’ service to clients as being formed around ‘the 3Cs’ of clarity, confidence and comfort. I would say this is exactly what Albion deliver to us and in turn, help us to deliver to our clients.
  • This has undoubtedly helped Chamberlyns to grow and develop in the way it has over the years; we have certainly attracted, secured and retained numerous clients as a result of all Albion do with and for us.  
  • They feel part of our team, as well as trusted, valuable partners for our business and our clients, who seek, deserve and should expect the very best.

Challenges Albion has helped you overcome

We really needed to formalise, refine and strengthen all aspects of our investment governance process when we began working with Albion, which is exactly what we worked together to do. Their approach was and remains consultative and collaborative, and very enjoyable for it.

In terms of challenges, when looking back, the funny thing is we have had very few – but it is abundantly clear that that is because we have been working with Tim and the team. As such, reflecting on all their effort and input, all of those incremental steps and improvements, as well as those all-important ‘moments of truth’ that inevitably occur on the journey, Albion have been there to help us to prepare for and respond to them.

Years of relationship with Albion


They are exceptional. It is as simple as that.

Michael Smith

Ongoing Support

Tim and the rest of the team at Albion are first class. They bring structure, rigour and depth to our investment governance process, provide high quality collateral, as well as outstanding support throughout the year, on both a planned and ad hoc basis. 

It is not only their standards, but their consistency (it is much harder to be consistently good at anything in life). You know you will get exactly what you have come to expect, which is rare and welcome in itself, but more than that, they still somehow leave room for a pleasant surprise along the way. 

I simply could not think more highly of Albion; indeed, I would go beyond recommending them to others and actively encourage other financial planning firms who are serious about being as good as they can be, to seek Albion’s assistance in elevating their offering.

They are exceptional. It is as simple as that.

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